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Our Values:

Our People 1

Ethics: our ethics is our road to success. Professionalism: is our specified role in the work. Commitment: our commitment makes our work smooth and targeted to our goals. Creativity: helps our development of work to makes it much developer. Innovation: keeps our work up to date and more and more than expected. Quality: to give true work from first time and every time with best services and practices. Applied the golden rule (do to others what you want them to do to you).

Our Technology:

Since SITCO Pharma was established in 1990, the highest technology level was at its top concern, the level of technology used still of highest priority. SITCO Pharma Company is watching the technology environment very closely and picking all technological capabilities that augment its distribution and sales operations that to include partnership, customer service and formed reporting to government sites. Currently SITCO Pharma is driving all its transactions through electronic procedures in order to facilitate accelerate the communication and workflow.

Our People 1

Our People:

Our People 1

SITCO Pharma has it strong bases and different culture awing it staff. Focused on high professionalism, motivation, enthusiasm, and at the top of all is our team work spirit. The company management and its procedures enforce procedural justice away from any discrimination, only performance that speaks loudly. SITCO Pharma is not only attracting most qualified people in the pharmaceutical industry, but, it support building leader ship style and family like environment. Our transparency and management by objectives” MBO” have conducted the notion for every single employee as he is the owner of the company. Our people can see themselves in the big picture. We support our team by all their technical and training needs. The loyalty of our people to remain under professional, ethical and transparent environment is our real treasure.

Our Principals:

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Sitco News


The health of our employees place our attention

September 25, 2016

Ensure that we preserve the health of our employees we organized (more…)


Continuous Development

August 8, 2016

Keen on keeping SITCO Pharma employees aware of their own and others (more…)

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SITCO Pharma on Social Media

July 27, 2016

It is with great pleasure to announce gladly that we in SITCO Pharma (more…)

Genral News


Upcoming Pharmaceutical in Bahrain

October 2, 2016

It will held the biologics conference under the Bahrain pharmacists society organizes (more…)


9 Stars Pharmacist Event

September 25, 2016

Every pharmacists have this 9 stars but in different percentage some of us leader in some star and the other they don’t know about it , our aim to help them to develop or improve this stars   (more…)


Saudi Health Exhibition and Congress

July 27, 2016

Under the patronage of the Saudi Ministry of Health, the fourth edition of Saudi Health Exhibition was held on 16-17-18 May 2016.